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The Hunger Games

I just bought a new novel named The Hunger Games. And when i read that book, i can’t stop reading it. I can’t guess what will Katniss did next on her adventure. And, i love the way Suzanne Collins describe Katniss dress. So wonderful. And the most thing i love in this book is Peeta Mellark! He’s so sweet and charming! I think there’s no boy in this world that had a personality like Peeta. I wish I ever met one, haha. Katniss’ so lucky to got him.. But why in the end of the story, Katniss confused about her feelings? She shouldn’t think about it while she had a guy that truly loves her. But there’s still 2 more books. I’m gonna1 buy that 2 books asap! And then, i will download the movie. I already watched the trailer on Youtube. Peeta will be played by Josh Hutcherson. He’s perfect! Can’t wait to watch the movie.


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