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I just finished the test and an interview for highschool. I hope my test score is good, because i know my interview is bad. I can’t speak english fluently. I think i need an english course when i’m on highschool. Because i have a dream to study in a foreign university. The result will be announced on 19th of May. I hope my name written on it. Optimist!


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May 4, 2012 · 9:39 am

I just don’t know what’s my fault. I don’t want you to hate me.

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Merced River

Merced River

Yosemite National Park, California
114.5 miles protected since 1987; 8 additional miles since 1992

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March 4, 2012 · 4:31 am

9 World Famous Pits and Sinkholes

Nature never stops to amaze us with its magnificent phenomenon just like these inexplicable holes in the ground. I bet that these holes make an excellent tourist attraction. Check out these unreal photographs and location descriptions of 9 of world’s most famous pits and sinkholes. (Courtesy of National Geographic)

1. Lisbon, Portugal, Sinkhole

world famous pits 09 in 9 World Famous Pits and Sinkholes

A parked bus was the unfortunate “meal” of a sinkhole that opened up in the streets of Lisbon, Portugal, in 2003.

“Anything that increases the flow of water into subsurface soil can speed up the formation of sinkholes’” ,Missouri State’s Gouzie said. In many cities, utility infrastructure such as sewer lines and fiber optic cables are buried in troughs filled with loose material, which can wash away over time. In some cases, a stretch of road can essentially become a concrete bridge over mostly empty space.

“It’s eventually not enough to hold the weight of the next truck over it,” Gouzie said.

2. Guatemala Sinkhole

world famous pits 01 in 9 World Famous Pits and Sinkholes

world famous pits 02 in 9 World Famous Pits and Sinkholes

Heavy rains from tropical storm Agatha likely triggered the collapse of a huge sinkhole in Guatemala on Sunday, seen above a few days afterward.

In the strictly geologic use of the word, a sinkhole happens when water erodes solid bedrock, carving an underground cavity that can then collapse. Many parts of the United States are at risk for that type of event.

The Guatemala sinkhole fits into a broader use of the term, which refers to any sudden slump of the ground’s surface. Instead of solid bedrock, much of Guatemala City rests atop a layer of loose, gravelly volcanic pumice that is hundreds of feet thick. And at least one geologist says leaking pipes—not nature—created the recent sinkhole.

Overall, the risk for repeat sinkholes in Guatemala City is high—but highly unpredictable.

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Protected: Top 10 Secret Places on Earth

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Really Important Things YOU Can Do To Help Stop Global Warming

I was browsing in the internet when i found this cool article. The website itself is full of articles that makes me realize that many things i do is harming the earth. Let me share some for you.

1. Why drive when you can walk?! If your family has a car, get them to use it less. Walk to the shops. Walking, running, skipping are all much more fun than sitting in a boring un-cool car. If you need to travel further than you can walk, use a bus, metro or train if you can.

2.  Make your own climate!
Turn the heating down in winter. If you’re cold, wear more clothes!
Turn the air conditioning down in summer or use a fan.

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